Frequently Asked Question Posted 07/08/2009

Maildash 2.4 is Here

Maildash 2.4 is now available at the App Store.

If you like MailDash, please consider leaving an App Store review.  That supports our efforts to provide improvements like these:

Maildash 2.4 Release Notes:

• [FIX] Fixed an issue with the Email Reply feature on iOS 4.2.1

Maildash 2.3 Release Notes:

• [FIX] In-app SMS - now properly sends to all members of a group.

• [FIX] In-app SMS - international phone numbers, space characters became "20".

• [NEW] Added "Nickname" substitution.

Maildash 2.2 Release Notes:

• [FIX] Crash when tapping the globe button (on iPad)

• [FIX] Email Reply did not work properly (on iOS4 or iPad)

• [FIX] Favorite contacts could sometimes be added multiple times

• [FIX] Favorites screen would sometimes not return to Groups screen

Maildash 2.1 Release Notes:

Send native SMS messages from within the App! (on iOS4)

Send SMS messages to Groups of recipients! (on iOS4)

• iOS4 support.

• iPhone4 retina display support (higher resolution graphics).

• [FIX] Template and Snippet lists were empty for certain countries.

• [FIX] Gateway countries were not always getting localized.

Maildash 2.0 Release Notes:

• Send Email to Groups of people

• Send mail-merged, personalized Emails to Groups of people (requires iPhone OS 3)

• Send Email without leaving the Maildash app (requires iPhone OS 3)

• Templates can have default email addresses and/or phone numbers attached

• Choose different languages for Templates/Snippets using a new globe button

• Added new “Current Location” Template & GPS Substitutions for addresses, maplinks

• Added new “Now Playing Song” Template & Substitution (requires iPhone OS 3)

• Template editor - can now insert snippets into both subject and message

• Template editor - added ¶ button to Snippet picker (for inserting returns)

• Gateway Countries view is now much easier to use

• Native SMS send alert now has “Send (and stop telling me)” button

• Native SMS messages can now contain carriage returns

• Native SMS phone numbers will no longer contain illegal characters

• Recipient name is more readable on the Email and SMS tabs

• New icon and splash screen

Maildash 1.6 Release Notes:

• Native SMS support!  Maildash now sends native SMS messages via the iPhone 3.0 Messages app.

• Can now mass-delete Favorites/Recents (when editing them).

• Cleaned up the Settings screen.

Maildash 1.5 Release Notes:

• iPhone OS 3.0 Compatible.

Maildash 1.4 Release Notes:

• Removed Orange UK and O2 UK from supported carriers

• New Russian translation

Maildash 1.3 Release Notes:

• Minor bug fixes

Maildash 1.2 Release Notes:

• SMS support (via Email-to-SMS gateways)

• Separate “Send” and “Reply” buttons

• “Reply” button preserves Mail app’s subject & recipient

• Tabs at bottom of screen are now customizable

• Recents tab in Favorites

• Favorites/Recents screen displays more contact info

• Email-to-SMS Gateway database (editable)

• Preference to set/use signature in SMS messages

• Preference to save/restore last used recipient/message

Maildash 1.1 Release Notes:

• New: Changed name from Mailgram (to avoid trademark confusion)

• New: Tabbed interface for quick navigation

• New: Snippets editor (a much requested feature)

• New: Remembers last recipient and message between launches

• New: More translations

• Fixed: Installs properly on non-English systems

• Fixed: Inserting a Snippet no longer crashes devices running 2.1 firmware

• Fixed: Much faster to choose contacts when running 2.1 or newer firmware

• Fixed: Substitutions work for Favorites deleted from Address Book and added again

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