Frequently Asked Question Posted 12/17/2009

TuTuneMe 1.5 is here

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TuTuneMe 1.5 Release Notes:

• Now requires iOS 4.3 or newer.

• Faster track changing and swipe gestures.

• Faster playlist, album, podcast scrolling (disable the new "Show Song Count" setting).

• Long artist, song, album names autoscroll on the player screen.

• Added new "Songs in Current Album" gesture action.

• Added new Song Info button in upper right of the player screen.

• Song Info screen has a new "Album" button to show all songs from the song’s album.

• Volume slider panel now includes AirPlay controls.

• Volume HUD no longer draws over the iOS volume HUD.

• Current Playlist is better recognized when changed from Siri or other apps.

• More compatible with Music Match.

• Added new LED fonts to choose from.

TuTuneMe 1.3 Release Notes:

• iOS4 support (and plays music in background).

• iPhone4 retina display support (higher resolution graphics).

• French language translations.

TuTuneMe 1.2 Release Notes:

• Spanish language translations.

• Gestures - you can now assign many more actions to DRAG gestures.

• Gestures - Pinch gesture can now have "No Action".

• Gestures - “Shake to Shuffle” can now be disabled.

• Gestures - two finger single tap action was previously always disabled.

• Gestures - added actions: Fast Forward/Rewind, 30 second skip.

• Scrubber Panel - tap anywhere (except the knob) to skip forward/backward.

• Scrubber Panel - now obeys theme settings.

• Themes - added Album Art “Reflection” ON/OFF switch: Customize Theme Elements -> Album Art.

• Audio Library - podcasts are now organized as Albums.

• Audio Library - fonts can now be resized from a panel at the bottom of the list.

• Settings - new options: “Pause Music at Quit”, “Playlist Music Delay”, “Prevent Sleep”.

• Action button - icon has changed from an arrow to a grid (at Apple’s request).

• App now launches faster (when current song was not chosen in TuTuneMe).

• When the music library needs updating, instructions now appear.

TuTuneMe 1.1 Release Notes:

• Fix: when manually choosing Day or Night, the "auto" setting now gets disabled properly.

• Settings: when “Use Theme” is “Auto”, tap the blue “>“ button to set when day and night begins.

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