Frequently Asked Question Posted 04/07/2010

Is there an iPad-optimized version of MovieSlate?

In a word, YES!

MovieSlate 2.0 is now available in the App Store. Thanks for your patience!

For existing MovieSlate users this is a free upgrade that will bring a "Universal" version to the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

On the iPad, MovieSlate 2.0 is not just MovieSlate with higher resolution graphics and text. We re-thought how people interact with every aspect of MovieSlate, given the iPad's larger screen real estate.  Click the "View Slideshow" link for a preview of MovieSlate 2.0 running on the iPad.

Here's an interview on with MovieSlate's author about the new features.

A note: If you previously viewed this FAQ you'll notice that we've done a "180" in terms of how we are going to offer MovieSlate on the iPad. Originally we were going to offer a separate MovieSlateHD for the iPad, however we reconsidered this after looking at the changes the upcoming iPhone OS 4.0 will bring (or not bring). We believe that having a single product for all the iPhone OS devices will let us bring new features to the product, through upgrades, faster and more easily than having two separate apps. This should make MovieSlate a more affordable proposition to existing users since there will be no "paid" upgrade to use MovieSlate on the iPad.

If you have any questions, please feel free to use our "Contact" form.

We'd also like to thank folks who gave MovieSlate such a warm reception at the NAB convention earlier this month.

At this time, we do not have immediate plans to develop iPad-optimized versions of our other apps: BigTipper, MailDash, and TuTuneMe. These three apps will run on the iPad in the iPhone app compatibility mode in normal or 2x views.

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